KIN is a fashion destination for everyday women created and designed by me, Kristine Thompson. I began my journey as a plus size blogger, creating the site in September of 2013. After years of doing what I love, I came to realize that I desired to do more than just provide outfit inspiration. I wanted to design clothes that women could feel confident in, that enhances their curves, and that are timeless. I wanted to prove that you can truly be both trendy and curvy.

KIN means family and that is exactly what I want this brand to feel like. In fact, KIN is actually an acronym for my family. The "K"stands for myself, Kristine, the "I" stands for my mother, Iris, and "N" stands for my sister, Nicole. These women have had a huge influence on the woman that I am today and I could not think of a better name for this clothing line. I am them and they are me, just as we are all of you.